Dance Classes for 2016-2017

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Our Dance Program begins as young as 2 & 1/2 and goes up through high school. Our program will give your child the strength and flexibility for technique but also focuses on creative development through movement. We find that a dancer should not only be a great technician but a great artist! We nurture their creativity from our young creative program all the way through their high school years.


                                             Creative Dance Program                                                     

 Creative Pre-Combo- (Ages 2.5-4)

Creative Combo 1 ( Ages 3-5, 4-5)

Creative Combo 2,  (  Ages 5-7)   

                           Creative Combo 3 ( Ages 6-7)                           

These classes are designed for the beginner dancer with the child in mind. Basic fundamentals such as motor skills, balance coordination and musicality are incorporated to help develop the student’s love for dance. Most importantly keeping the child in mind is at the center of our focus during these courses using imagination through dance movements and building self esteem to help them grow into confident individuals. Each year the courses progress and improve on skills from the previous one. All courses are filled will lots of energy and creativity to keep the child’s mind and attention engaged. Also, these classes are intended for children who do not need parental supervision during class.

Creative Pre- Combo is split in time between creative movement, dance games, pre-ballet and basic tumbling skills.
Creative Combo 1
is split in time between pre-ballet, creative movement, dance games, basic tumbling skills and tap.

Creative Combo 2 is split in time between ballet, creative movement, dance games and tap.

Creative Combo 3 is split in time between ballet, tap and jazz. A great intro to Primary while still allowing time for fun dance games.

All students in these courses may participate in the June Recital. Two recital routines will be performed ( 1 costume)

Your Child will surely thrive in these courses while truly developing a LOVE for Dance!

                            Primary Dance Combo 1 (Ages 7 - 9): Ballet, Tap and Jazz     

     These classes become more structured as the child develops an awareness of their own physical coordination and  musicality. Age appropriate exercises and warm-ups are given in half-hour segments of ballet, jazz & tap.      

This class will perform two recital routines in June ( Two costumes, Genres TBD)

Primary Dance Combo 2, 3, ( Ages 9 & up)  Ballet, Tap and Jazz     

As the dancer matures so does the class in an even more structured series of studying ballet, jazz and 
tap. The student will become a more independent dancer through these courses while learning valuable technique to become a great technician but even furthermore they will learn the disciplines such as self-respect, self confidence, creativity and self expression. This will help instill an appreciation not only for the art of dance but for one’s self. We also recommend that the students in these classes take Ballet offered on Tuesdays for additional technique and training.

These classes will perform two recital routines in June ( Two Costumes, Genres TBD)

Lyrical/Contemporary Dance (Ages 12+)       

This will course will include elements from modern, ballet and jazz dance. Dancers will learn to express and convey emotion on an artistic level through

their dancing. Must also be supplemented with a ballet or Primary class.

This class will perform one recital routine in June.

      Hip Hop( Ages 5 & up)         

The spirit of hip hop is designed to develop motor coordination, strength, agility & rhythm while learning the most fundamental hip hop skills such as popping, locking & waving. Hip hop is lots of fun while instilling confidence & self-esteem. It’s a very high-energy class that uses the latest sounds of rap, R&B and pop music.
This class will perform one recital routine in June.

Acro/Tumbling (Ages 5 & up)
Tumble flip and leap through this fun filled class! The course will include conditioning in conjunction with various drills to help develop strength and flexibility for acrobatic skills. Some courses include a recital at the end of the year some are skill based only.              This class will perform one recital routine in June.        

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